Having managers for our teams just relieves some of the pressure on our coaches and allows them to concentrate on coaching.

The following downloads are ones you may require:

Managers Roles Responsibilities – a guideline of what the role involves.

Complaints policy – if there is an issue you will know what to do (contact the President!)

Injury Report Form – If there is an injury, no matter how big or small – it will need to be reported.

Game Day Checklist – not compulsory but I think it is very important that either Manager or maybe more so for coaches complete this – particularly at training

Team Contact Sheet

Player Best & Fairest Points Sheet

Fill in Player Form

Fisherman’s Road Court Layout Map


It is the manager’s job to submit nominations to the carnival coordinator for any club carnivals.


It is the Manager’s job to hand out fundraising information if required and to collect fundraising money from the players in their team and return it to the fundraising coordinator.  If you have any suggestions for fundraising or can help with this, please let the fundraising committee know.


The calendar for the year is on our website.  It gives you week by week details of what’s on.

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