SHOW RESPECT FOR ALL COACHES AND CLUB OFFICIALS.  Remember that all positions are unpaid and the Club would not exist without our volunteers. Abuse or intimidation will not be tolerated from players, parents or spectators. Parents are expected to model the behaviour we want of our players.

NEVER ARGUE WITH A GAME OFFICIAL. This is not acceptable behaviour at a game and not the example we want to set for our players. If you have concerns or questions, raise these with the coach or team manager after the game.

ENCOURAGE PLAYERS to always participate according to the rules.

NEVER RIDICULE OR ABUSE ANY PLAYER, particularly for making a mistake or losing a game.

MODEL APPROPRIATE BEHAVIOUR. Applaud good plays by all teams end encourage all players. Children learn best from examples and remember that children are involved in the sport for their enjoyment, not yours.

FOCUS ON EFFORTS AND PARTICIPATION rather than the outcome and teach children that an honest effort is as important as a victory. This will assist in setting goals related to ability, by reducing undue disappointment and the emphasis on winning. If children are interested, encourage them to participate. If they’re not willing or not interested, don’t force them or they may never learn to enjoy the game.

I will make every effort to get my child to every training session and every game. If I cannot get my  child to either of the above I will notify the coach as soon as possible.

I have read the Parents Code of Conduct and understand that any breach of he Code may result in

A)    a written warning, or

B)    a ban on my attendance at training sessions and/or games, or

C)    my child being dismissed from the Club.

Any such action will be at the discretion of the Executive Committee of the Mountain Creek Netball Club, and in the event of dismissal there will be no reimbursement of membership fees.

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